How do I begin choosing the right material?

Choosing the right material for your custom countertops is a good first step, and it's relatively simple. We can get you started with some easy questions and a little help from our suppliers. 

Color Considerations:

Design professionals often suggest a layered approach to kitchen and bathroom design. Your stone countertops will look better if they match or compliment the flooring. What color are your cabinets and walls? Will you be using matching granite backsplash, or are you considering tile? We recommend that you acquire samples of all of your materials to determine the best color combinations. 

Material Selection:

Natural Stone

Granite - Good for every application

Marble, Limestone, and Travertine - Excellent for vanities

Soapstone - Compliments rustic or historic designs

Sandstone, Onyx, Semi-Precious stones- Good for special applications 



Granite- Samba

Marble - Arabescato

Granite- Juarana

Onyx - Wild Agate

Man Made Material 

Quartz - 

Quartz - Coastal Grey

Quartz  - Venatino

Recycled Glass Color Options

Recycled Glass -

Visit our supplier's inventory pages to browse the incredibly diverse options in natural and man-made stone slabs, and check out our Granite Inspiration Gallery for ideas!


What is your budget? 

Uba Tuba

Santa Cecelia

Tan Brown

Black Pearl

These aren't the only options in Group 1To browse a complete list of in-stock 3 centimeter slabs in the Group 1 category, follow these links to our suppliers: